Ep. 56 – How to talk to your family about money, with Harpreet Grewal

February 25, 2021 Island Savings - Valley First - Envision Financial - Enderby & District Financial | Divisions of First West Credit Union Season 2 Episode 56
Ep. 56 – How to talk to your family about money, with Harpreet Grewal
Show Notes

Some financial topics are easy to discuss with your loved ones – while other money matters are easily forgotten (or avoided). This week Kevin, Sheena and Travis talk with Harpreet Grewal, Envision Financial Branch Manager, about tips and scenarios that you can learn from to have productive financial conversations with your own family.

1:40 What’s hot in money: Important financial dates you don’t want to miss.

4:30 Expert Examination:

·         What to know before approaching a financial conversation with family.

·         Ways to talk to children about money throughout their childhood.

·         Matters that are meaningful to every partnership.

·         To bail out your family financially – or not?

·         Handling conversations about estate planning.

·         Subjects that you could – and should – discuss with your family.

·         Would a financial advisor make money conversations easier?

38:00 Financial Fix: Think ahead this week and make sure the people who might inherit from you are aware and prepared.

Take the Financial Times money psychology quiz: https://ig.ft.com/sites/quiz/psychology-of-money/

If you have an undiagnosed financial concern or want to better understand a financial subject, send Kevin, Sheena and Travis your question at wealthbeing@firstwestcu.ca, and we will consider it for a future episode.


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