Ep. 66 – Is responsible investing right for everyone? With Yufei Man

May 07, 2021 Island Savings - Valley First - Envision Financial - Enderby & District Financial | Divisions of First West Credit Union Season 2 Episode 66
Ep. 66 – Is responsible investing right for everyone? With Yufei Man
Show Notes

More than half of the Canadian investors that you know are likely making vales-based choices. Responsible Investing (RI) is taking off in Canada and we wanted to know why. This week, our co-hosts chat with Yufei Man, Director of Asset Allocation at NEI Investments about what's driving the demand, the future of RI, and whether you’re missing the boat with conventional investment choices.

2:10 – Hot In Money: All Travis’ clients are wondering why the market is doing so well when the economy has seen better days. Our co-hosts explain some factors that influence today’s trend. 

5:08 – Expert examination:

  • What makes Responsible Investing such a rapidly growing sector in Canada?
  • The different mindsets of responsible investors.
  • Is an all-in or partial approach the best strategy for responsible investing.
  • Who to trust? Discerning “responsible” companies to invest in and the impact of “greenwashing.”
  • Can your portfolio be 100% sustainable – and should it be?
  • Should you invest in renewable energies or energy efficiency?
  • How Government actions impact responsible investments. 

45:56 – Financial Fix: Interested to know how the companies in your current portfolio rate on RI measures? Travis has a simple task that will help you understand your impact.

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You're invited! Attend our live conversation with Yufei Man, Director of Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy at NEI Investments, to find out about the market outlook for 2021 and beyond. Register at: https://wealthbeingmay2021.eventbrite.ca/

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Our WealthBeing Hosts

Travis Koivula


Senior Wealth Advisor | Senior Investment Advisor 

Island Savings Insurance Services | Credential Securities

Travis has been serving the financial needs of members in the Credit Union system since 2007 and is one of the most accredited financial advisors in Canada. He holds the globally recognized Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, passing all three tests on his first attempt. In addition he is a Certified Financial Planner (top 1% of his class), Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FSCI) and a Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional (CSWP).

Sheena Sanders

Wealth Planning Specialist, Valley First

Sheena meets every client with a fervent desire to create a uniquely remarkable experience. As an accredited Certified Financial Planner, a Registered Retirement Consultant and a Responsible Investment Specialist, her array of knowledge and experience means that Sheena leave no question unanswered and no opportunity ignored. For people who seek help with retirement, education, investment, and succession planning, Sheena is a natural person to have on their team. Clients benefit from her strategic approach and “big picture” mindset that incorporates tax optimization ESG principals and integration.

Kevin Lehman

Regional Manager, Business Banking, Envision Financial

When asked who has made the biggest impact in your life, does your financial advisor come to mind? If you've met Envision Financial’s Regional Manager of Business Banking, Kevin Lehman, he's likely one of your personal game-changers. He leads a team of business banking advisors to help local companies thrive. You might say he’s a dreamer, and Kevin would agree. He is inspired by the dedication with which entrepreneurs pursue their vision and goals, and is a willing and prepared partner for owners to access the financial advice and tools that will support and grow their sustainable business.